When it comes to selling a company, we know every seller wants to shorten the deal process, minimize management disruption, improve the chances of a successful closing, and maximize post-tax proceeds. Leo Berwick professionals work hard to ensure your exit is a success.

What We Can Do For You.

Dataroom Prep

We’ll help populate the dataroom to make sure that it’s complete and aligned to your marketing documents, while not providing unnecessary information.

Pre-Sale Tax Structuring

We’ll structure the transaction with a view to maximizing your after-tax proceeds. This includes tax modeling and running calculations to assist in the decision-making process.

Sell-Side Financial Due Diligence

Whether in fact book or report formats, we provide a complete set of financial and accounting information to ensure that bidder information requirements are immediately met and that the transaction process can play out on an expedited basis.  This reduces pursuit costs for bidders and enhances competitive tension.

We serve as a single and first point of contact for Target management by working at their pace to prepare the necessary information for bidders and fielding bidder questions in advance.

By engaging early with management early we help identify possible issues that would otherwise out in diligence.  This allows clients to control the narrative on potential deal risks.

Sell-Side Tax Due Diligence

[NTD: I think the fact book should be merged with the sell-side tax DD – the fact book should be an outcome of the diligence process and not independent of it] Sell-side tax diligence on your company, if done early, can help uncover and fix tax issues that could put off potential buyers and impact your selling price. We’ll perform mock tax diligence calls with your management and tax preparers to guarantee there are no curveballs throughout your deal process.

Tax Fact Book

We’ll prepare a presentation that summarizes your company’s tax profile and background to help expedite a potential buyer’s due diligence process.

Purchase Agreement Review

We work with your legal advisor to make sure the transaction documents (e.g., stock purchase agreement, asset purchase agreement) are executed in a way that’s best for you from a tax, financial and accounting perspective. [NTD: let’s discuss if you’re open to tweaking this further – the nature of PSA review advice on buy- and sell-side differs]

Let’s work together.

You want an M&A expert who gets it. A commercially minded expert who understands deals. A partner who shares your drive for minimizing risk, maximizing value, and accelerating returns.

That’s Leo Berwick. The first call you make for any deal.