Leo Berwick regularly teams with law firms and investment banks to provide tax services for renewable energy transactions. We serve a broad spectrum of alternative energy clients across various industries, including energy storage, solar, wind, and carbon sequestration. Our dedicated team of experts can help ensure that you take advantage of all available tax incentives and fully optimize your tax position.

Through due diligence, structuring, planning, and modeling, Leo Berwick can help you turn strategies into solutions and create a clean, sustainable future.

Considering A Merger Or Acquisition? We’ve Got You Covered.

Wherever you invest, Leo Berwick’s M&A tax services can assist you in facilitating the sale, purchase, or merger of a company.

Buy-Side Services

  • Performing tax due diligence investigations to identify and manage historical and future tax exposures of the target company
  • Structuring deals to minimize tax costs while maximizing the tax benefits of the transaction
  • Assisting with the contract negotiations concerning tax items
  • Assisting in the closings of transactions
  • Designing and executing a “100-day” plan to maximize Day 1 readiness
  • Post-closing support to improve your investment’s after-tax cash position, including:
    • Analyses of transaction costs;
    • Allocation of the purchase price for tax purposes;
    • Analyses of net operating losses limitations under Section 382;
    • Remediation of tax risks;

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Sell-Side Services

  • Conducting sell-side tax due diligence investigations to identify the company’s tax exposures
  • Structuring deals to maximize seller’s after-tax proceeds
  • Preparing a Tax Fact Book summarizing the company’s background, tax posture, and key tax attributes
  • Modeling the companies’ tax basis, depreciation and amortization rollout, and all available tax attributes (including identifying limitations on such attributes)
  • Modeling potential cash taxes during exit to support the decision-making process
  • Assisting with the contract negotiations concerning tax items

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Tax Modeling Services

Partnership flips are the most common way to raise tax equity in the US renewable energy market. The term “tax equity investment” simply implies that the investor’s return is based on federal and state income tax benefits in addition to cash flows. These tax benefits are derived from tax credits and tax depreciation and amortization deductions.

Ensuring that the allocations of tax items are correct is a critical component of tax equity financing. Our user-friendly and flexible partnership flip model clearly presents the key operating and tax inputs and outputs, with partnership taxation logic, section 704(b) and tax capital accounts, and tax basis for each partner. The model can also include or exclude multiple projects from various portfolio investments for scenario analyses and easily transition from a projection model to an operating or tracking model to allow for periodic updates for actual data to meet reporting requirements.

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